Windows 7

Another post came to spirosweb, and I am happy to have you here and reading my post. Today we will talk about Windows 7 previews.

Windows 7 is coming and all over the world, customers are waiting to see just what the successor to vista has to offer. Some sites say many words for their reviews but I dont want to choose this way because i know its boring and for me review the software and hardware and also boring for you to read all the review. So I decided to put some videos in the post, i think by watching videos you will understand more:

These are the  first reviews for the Windows 7 Multi-touch (both puplished in 2008):

The first ever review of the windows 7 multi-touch

The second review of the windows 7 multi-touch with some new feautures on it

And for them who have a mac and want to try the windows 7 and they dont know how, dont worry spirosweb is here to tell you how only with one 5 minute videos. Watch it in HD for better quallity.

If your not pleased of these video reviews and my help and you want more information and news about the Windows 7 I know a great site for you :