Weird & Crazy Life

Hey! I am so happy today, you know why? Because I just started to reading guides via internet and via some mini books for my new mobile phone Samsung I8910 HD.And also a video review of my new telephone how to use it and etc. is coming soon.

Now lets talk about today’s title post, well i was watching tv and i saw some commercials of weird things and when it was over i wanted to post some weird and crazy life videos heh. Scroll below to see some videos:

Strange Sea Creautures

Baby Dancing – Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Parkour Accident

Elephant Man

*If your -10 years old please dont watch it if you are scared of scary things.*

At the starting of this post i was thinking of adding my comment on each video i added but now i wont because the videos i selected they dont want any comments….all about the meaning and what happened are in each video. But if you want to add some comments for them click the ”add a comment” above at the end of the tags.