Weird & Crazy Life

Hey! I am so happy today, you know why? Because I just started to reading guides via internet and via some mini books for my new mobile phone Samsung I8910 HD.And also a video review of my new telephone how to use it and etc. is coming soon.

Now lets talk about today’s title post, well i was watching tv and i saw some commercials of weird things and when it was over i wanted to post some weird and crazy life videos heh. Scroll below to see some videos:

Strange Sea Creautures

Baby Dancing – Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Parkour Accident

Elephant Man

*If your -10 years old please dont watch it if you are scared of scary things.*

At the starting of this post i was thinking of adding my comment on each video i added but now i wont because the videos i selected they dont want any comments….all about the meaning and what happened are in each video. But if you want to add some comments for them click the ”add a comment” above at the end of the tags.


Magic Tricks

Hello everybody! I havent posted this week any posts because i was in vacanation in five greek islands(kws,rodos,paros,siros,santorini) and my favourite island from the five i have visited is santorini…beautiful island…! Anyway now I am back from the trip and i am ready to start posting again…:)

And here is what i found searching the web, finally after the old magic trick the magic goofer i posted i found some new magic tricks that you can see in a website or download them and play them on your desktop as a zip folder.

If you want to play the magic trick games visit: and if you want to download the zip of all the magic trick games visit the site and somewhere at the center of the page you will see yellow characters that saying ”click here to download…”

The pictures below are the pics of the magic tricks:

magic tricks games pictures

I hope you like these magic tricks, tell them to your friends and have fun together…

Optical Illusions

Hello ladies and gentlement 😆

I am very happy today because my life is just perfect as summer is! Before some days i made a page optical illusions but i wanted to put and some words thats why i didnt make a post before. I got and some nice comments for the page and i am giving a big thanks to everyone for their nice comments! Here is an obama illusion, my favourite and thats why i selected it for the post, here is it:

For the below picture follow the instructions:

  1. Concentrate on the illusion you see in the middle of the illusion of the picture(the three white dots are) for about 35-40 seconds
  2. Then take a look at any white wall and start blinking your eyes
  3. A picture now is starting to appear on the wall, continue blinking
  4. What do you see? THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA! WOW I SAW OBAMA ON THE WALL.. PS: Dont tell this to anyone because they will call you crazy!

obama illusion

If your a fan of optical illusions like this one visit and enjoy i have many and all the kinds(circle illusions,square illusions,moving pictures,optical illusions and drawings,see illusions on the wall, the other illusions that are all the other i found good to put them in the page.

Have a nice day and read and this quote(P.S: I own the most of the words, the first words are taken from an artist): ”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.-by Spiros”

Windows 7

Another post came to spirosweb, and I am happy to have you here and reading my post. Today we will talk about Windows 7 previews.

Windows 7 is coming and all over the world, customers are waiting to see just what the successor to vista has to offer. Some sites say many words for their reviews but I dont want to choose this way because i know its boring and for me review the software and hardware and also boring for you to read all the review. So I decided to put some videos in the post, i think by watching videos you will understand more:

These are the  first reviews for the Windows 7 Multi-touch (both puplished in 2008):

The first ever review of the windows 7 multi-touch

The second review of the windows 7 multi-touch with some new feautures on it

And for them who have a mac and want to try the windows 7 and they dont know how, dont worry spirosweb is here to tell you how only with one 5 minute videos. Watch it in HD for better quallity.

If your not pleased of these video reviews and my help and you want more information and news about the Windows 7 I know a great site for you :

Top 10 songs of March 2009!

Top Songs Of March 2009

Songs used:

Mad – Ne-Yo
Beautiful – Akon feat. Colby O’Donis & Kardinal Offishall
Blame It – Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain
My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
Crack A Bottle – Eminem feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
I Love College – Asher Roth
Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy feat. Sammie
Poker Face – Lady Gaga
Right Round – Fo Rida

Note: I dont own any of the songs or the video so I don’t want any credit for this!

The big update arrive!

Hello guys,
I finnaly finished the css design after hard working 3 hours on it and now I think it’s just awesome. Also I made a header with flames on the words Spirosweb and now there are all ready to continue posting the posts about funny things,tricks,illusions,impressive things and more like before. Maybe later I will add some pages and widgets on the slidebars if i find some cool ideas, so if you have any ideas of making a page comment in the post!

The things that I added are:

  • Changed the silver theme to a new wordpress theme
  • Bought $15 CSS and I designed the css design which you viewing now on the site
  • Put some widgets like:  Your IP address, Archives, and Pages below the header

Thats all I made these weeks, I hope you like all my site creations 🙂