New gadgets(computers & mobile phones)

Academic researchers from various institutes for the first time managed to break a key 768-bit. H decode a 232-digit number, not just that rebutted a world record, but that a few years will become possible to decipher, for example, credit card numbers.
The current RSA encryption methods using very ena1024mpito encryption key, something that according to the latest developments, it offers significantly better security than 768mpito key “spastike. Hence the researchers recommend the move to 2048mpiti encryption method by the end of the year.
To “break” the encryption combined 768mpitis different networks – to ordinary computers it would take 2,000 years.

The LG showed at CES the GW990, a device that is a mix of mobile phone and a Tablet PC. A particular feature of the new phone is a huge touch screen, which has the hearty diagonal of 4.8 “.So far HTC HD2 diagonal 4.3 “held the title of a mobile phone with larger screen. The benefit of using such a screen is that o user can work simultaneously with several applications. And with the support of 720p resolution You can view and HD content from your mobile.In addition, the LG GW990 integrates the operating system Moblin of Intel, and is equipped with processor Moorestown (and that of Intel), which is developed specifically for use on mobile phones. The other device characteristics include the HSPA, A-GPS with digital compass, WLAN, 5MPixels a camera and a battery of 1.850mAh. Internal memory is 16GB and the RAM to 512MB.The GW990 is expected to see the market in the second half of 2010.

At one point in time it seemed like iriver had a monopoly on insane, imaginative designs. Sure, it was mostly centered around PMPs, but iriver’s stuff in its heyday was fun enough to make even a screenless MP3 player seem interesting. Lately, however, things seem a little more conservative. Take this iriver Story, for instance: it’s a sexy device that seems very on par with other e-readers on the market… and that’s about it. We played around with it a bit on the show floor, and found the keyboard to be pretty great, the design solid and slim, and the software pretty slow. With all the extra function-specific buttons on the keyboard, there’s less of the arbitrary UI navigation limitations posed by some of the more simplistic e-book readers, but there’s nothing so amazing or useful on the device that it would tempt the Kindle faithful. We’re particularly worried about book load times, but it’ll take some more time with the unit to really see how it stacks up across the board. For now you can check out a video walkthrough of the device after the break.

If you do not know the National Geographic has existed since 1888, having brought up … generations and generations since. Fans of the magazine may have an external 160GB hard drive all the issues and the images of the magazine of the 120 first years of the movement.

This package, together with an additional DVD, you can get instead of $ 199.95.

The MSI has in the CES 2010 a device that combines netbook with ebook reader, which is equipped with two touch screens-ie has normal keyboard. This model runs on an Intel Atom Z series and is expected to enter the market within a year. This original official characterized by MSI as a E-Reader, and has, with the exception of the dual screens, a typical netbook.Kai Both screens support the multitouch, while the diagonal is at 10 “. For typing long text The onscreen keyboard is available for Windows 7. And although this strange, working with the virtual keyboard is very comfortable. The cuticle of the device is constructed entirely of metal which gives it a significant burden. The dual-screen netbook will go on the shelves a year at a price not yet been determined.

Sony presented in the CES 30 new TV models. These and LCD TVs series Bravia NX8. The abbreviation Nx will be used from now on the Sony models for characterizing modern technology. NX8 The series will offer a minimalist “monolithic” design. The use of LED backlighting ensure a slim design. In addition a “Deep Black-Panel” will seek to give a better perspective even when the TV is off.
A key feature of the models in the series will be LX9 support 3D. Motionflow 200Hz technology is optimized to be able to visualize the finest three dimensions on television by Sony.Therefore referred to as Motionflow 200Hz PRO.

In today’s gray, our digital world is no more place for old photographs of the analog era. Or maybe not? Moreover, this digital frame of Hammacher Schlemmer incorporates a photo scanner, recognizing not only the digital photos of your machine and the old paper photographs of your childhood. This digital picture frame-scanner has 1GB internal memory, two memory slot and a TFT LCD panel of 8 “. The paper photos you can go to the device without having to touch or open the PC. Then you can enjoy in the form of a slide show and the sound accompanying the MP3 option. A, can also play video and MPEG, and to acquire it will have to pop $ 200.

The design studio Art Lebedev has announced a new camera “Fleximus” screen OLED, whose key feature is that the lens is integrated with a flexible arm outside the body of the device. That way you can take only downloads in unusual perspectives. And if you want to remove the objective lens of the arm and the attachment to the machine. The Fleximus is designed in such a way that requires the least possible buttons for interacting. The Art Lebedev has revealed more details or price data, and when it will release its new camera on the market. It is almost certain that it will be Fleximus akrivoutsiki.

Microsoft has katochyrosei a patent, which introduces a new and interesting way of entering data on the PC. In particular special sensors record the electromagnetic pulse in the muscles and turn them into orders! This patent covers a variety of muscle a human body, from head to toes and feet and hands. The objective of this technique is to make it possible to control a PC without a direct physical contact. This technique would have the Microsoft, for example, concern for motorists but also for meeting rooms or operating rooms, where any contact could carry bacteria. He would, of course, some time before this technique is to go on sale. However the following video will show how to exploit…

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