Magic Tricks

Hello everybody! I havent posted this week any posts because i was in vacanation in five greek islands(kws,rodos,paros,siros,santorini) and my favourite island from the five i have visited is santorini…beautiful island…! Anyway now I am back from the trip and i am ready to start posting again…:)

And here is what i found searching the web, finally after the old magic trick the magic goofer i posted i found some new magic tricks that you can see in a website or download them and play them on your desktop as a zip folder.

If you want to play the magic trick games visit:¬†and if you want to download the zip of all the magic trick games visit the site and somewhere at the center of the page you will see yellow characters that saying ”click here to download…”

The pictures below are the pics of the magic tricks:

magic tricks games pictures

I hope you like these magic tricks, tell them to your friends and have fun together…