Some funny pics

Hello spirosweb viewers,

I hope you like my latest post about google chrome OS, and now i am going to change the category i am going to change the subject and post some funny pictures i found on the web.

lol this was a funny but dangerous for that plane experience :mrgreen:

This dog is copying Lady Gaga’s hair style omg!

nice drawing lol

this is probably the best funny picture in this post…

why Angelina? this is a nice dress you must like it 😛

Push the button heh

just a funny picture from the new film new moon

I want it, where did you buy it?…i have that cavlin klein underware in black i want and this color 😆

This is the real true. Do you know anyone from the above picture? I know one…the last person is you hehe!

Comment and tell me what funny picture you like the most and also tell me if you like this post!!!


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