Optical Illusions

Hello ladies and gentlement 😆

I am very happy today because my life is just perfect as summer is! Before some days i made a page optical illusions but i wanted to put and some words thats why i didnt make a post before. I got and some nice comments for the page and i am giving a big thanks to everyone for their nice comments! Here is an obama illusion, my favourite and thats why i selected it for the post, here is it:

For the below picture follow the instructions:

  1. Concentrate on the illusion you see in the middle of the illusion of the picture(the three white dots are) for about 35-40 seconds
  2. Then take a look at any white wall and start blinking your eyes
  3. A picture now is starting to appear on the wall, continue blinking
  4. What do you see? THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA! WOW I SAW OBAMA ON THE WALL.. PS: Dont tell this to anyone because they will call you crazy!

obama illusion

If your a fan of optical illusions like this one visit https://spirosweb.wordpress.com/illusions and enjoy i have many and all the kinds(circle illusions,square illusions,moving pictures,optical illusions and drawings,see illusions on the wall, the other illusions that are all the other i found good to put them in the page.

Have a nice day and read and this quote(P.S: I own the most of the words, the first words are taken from an artist): ”Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.-by Spiros”