Some funny pics

Hello spirosweb viewers,

I hope you like my latest post about google chrome OS, and now i am going to change the category i am going to change the subject and post some funny pictures i found on the web.

lol this was a funny but dangerous for that plane experience :mrgreen:

This dog is copying Lady Gaga’s hair style omg!

nice drawing lol

this is probably the best funny picture in this post…

why Angelina? this is a nice dress you must like it 😛

Push the button heh

just a funny picture from the new film new moon

I want it, where did you buy it?…i have that cavlin klein underware in black i want and this color 😆

This is the real true. Do you know anyone from the above picture? I know one…the last person is you hehe!

Comment and tell me what funny picture you like the most and also tell me if you like this post!!!


Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system created by Google designed to work exclusively with web applications. Announced on July 7, 2009, Google Chrome OS is set to have a publicly available stable release during the second half of 2010. The operating system is based on Linux; it supports a graphical user interface similar to Google’s Chrome web browser, and is targeted for hardware specifically designed for the OS. The operating system’s user interface will take a minimalist approach much like the company’s Chrome web browser. The Chrome browser will be the only application residing on the device. Hence Google Chrome OS is aimed at users who spend most of their computer time on the Internet.At a November 19, 2009 news conference, Sundar Pichai, the Google vice president overseeing Chrome, demonstrated an early version of the operating system, which included a desktop that closely resembled the Chrome browser, but with tabs for frequently used Web-based applications. The netbook running the operating system booted up in seven seconds, a time Google is working to improve. Pichai said that Google is not designing Google Chrome OS, at least initially, to run on a user’s primary computer. On the same day, Google released Google Chrome OS’s source code under open source licensing as Chromium OS

Google Chrome OS User Interface:

Design goals for Google Chrome OS’s user interface include using minimal screen space by combining applications and standard Web pages into a single tab strip, rather than separating the two. Designers are considering a reduced window management scheme that would operate only in full-screen mode. Secondary tasks would be handled with “panels”: floating windows that dock to the bottom of the screen for tasks like chat and music players. Split screens are also under consideration for viewing two pieces of content side-by-side. Google Chrome OS will follow the Chrome browser’s practice of leveraging HTML 5‘s offline modes, background processing, and notifications. Designers propose using search and pinned tabs as a way to quickly locate and access applications

Google Chrome Os Architecture:

Google announced that Google Chrome OS will feature a novel security architecture. According to Google’s announcement, the company will be “going back to the basics and completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that users don’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates”

Google Chrome OS Hardware:

Google Chrome OS will only run on specifically designed hardware. In particular, it requires an x86 or ARM processor and a flash storage. The operating system is intended to be run only on solid state drives, which provide faster boot-up times, rather than on hard disk drives, which offer larger storage capacity but comparatively lower performance. Lower capacity solid state drives can better accommodate Google Chrome OS because the operating system on a disk is 60 times smaller than Windows 7.

Funny Google Autofillls Pictures!

I have to post from Octomber but school started and tests also and i couldnt have time for posting in my site. Today I am going to post about funny google autofills pictures, what this mean:when you search on google  a term before you enter the query a drop down box of suggestions appears and sometimes this box gives the funniest suggestions. See the pictures to understand what i want to show you…

(Click the picture you want to enlarge)


COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis

Today I am going to post about a collaborative animation by the famous artists Blu and David Ellis who have been working like crazy on this animation for a full week.

 Blu and David Ellis made this animation video for the Fame festival 2009, it produced by Studio Cromie and music by Roberto Lange.


Hello guys,

Today I decided to post something different which is about some Look-Alikes i found on the web. I found a lot Look-Alikes pictures but I tried to get the most sucessful for you…
































The above pictures are the best look-alikes i found for now on the web but if i find more i will add them in a new post with the name Look-Alikes2. Hope you like them…and please comment and tell me what look-alike picture you like most!!!

Back from holidays…

Hello people,

I am back and I had a very nice time with my family and some friends i make on the cruises lines. My vacanation was for 7 days but I wanted to be more because it was an awesome vacanation and I won and 530 euros from the casino machines! As I said to you before my vacanation the trip was to 6 greek islands: Agios Nikolaos(Crete),Kerkyra,Chania(Crete),Kalamata,Rhodos and Kws.

6 greek islands i went

Spiros Web going holidays

Hello…Bonjour…Hallo…Γειά…Ciao…Привет…Salut…Hola viewers!!!

hehe above is the word hello in different language try to find your if its on….but do you know why i am so happy and have creative ideas while starting this post?

Today its the last day and tomorrow….I AM GOING HOLIDAYS FOR MY SECOND SUMMER TRIP IN GREECE 🙄 😀 😛 , can’t wait till tomorrow it will be an amazing day and just to know the trip is for one week so i am coming the next Friday(date: 14 of August).

Some of you knew that before except that i will go to holidays but that i wanted to make a video of my fishes and I did it! But it wanted 58 hours and 40 minutes to upload in HD so i cancelled it and i changed the type in a lower quallity but i think its good enough if you watch it in HQ( put &fmt=18 at the end of the url). Please Watch it and if you want and you want to be my friend in youtube add me or subscribe or rate and I will sub you back 😉

How you find it? Dont tell me know, tell me when i will be back and i will aprove the comments but you can comment on the video so i may see it via my cell phone if i have access to internet.

See you soon guys…