Here are some websites who have games:

Online games:


7 Responses

  1. Hello Spiros, you have a cool site. I am visiting it everyday,please make a new page with illusion ,coz I like illusions!

  2. Hey Spiros, I LOVE BOTH of your sites. Very creative. I have added both of them to my blogroll. Please comment at my weblog too. 🙂

    &heats; Scientistxoxo ♥

  3. yo u forgot!!

    Spiros: Thanks for telling me dude, I will put it on the game list.

  4. Nice Site!! lol, You have so many hits! xD… btw, I use Windows Movie Maker lol.

    Ps: Another Game is Fantage and Chobots, xD.

  5. hey jesuz thank you for commeting. And thanks for the online games you commented!

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