How to hack facebook games

Hello, Yesterday I have uploaded a video i made showing a tutorial how to hack some of the facebook games. In the video i made you can see cheats for farm ville,click challenge 3.0, bowling buddies,geo challenge and crazy taxi. Here is the video:

For the facebook cheats that are in the video you will need to download the following programs:

-For the farm ville coin hack and crazy taxi hack you will need Cheat Engine 5.5
Download link for cheat engine 5.5:

-For the bowlling buddies 300 score hack you will need HxD
Download link for HxD:…

-For the 10000000 click challenge hack you will need a javascript
Code: javascript: vtime=2; vclick=99999999;void(0);

-For the geo challenge hack you will need the geochallenge ai bot 1.0
Download link for the geochallenge ai bot 1.0:

Subscribe for the part 2 if you want to see hacks for more facebook games!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this post, now ill go on this blog often and check for new articles.

  2. This vid is a fake I have used X-TECH to hack my bf’s myspace and facebook and they actually sent me his information. Thought I would give you guys a heads up.

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