GOOGLE EARTH Mystery Secret UFO & Hidden Places

Hey guys,
I hope you like the new page illusions i made before 3 days and thank you for the comments. I was searching in the google about aliens lol and i found three video parts of GOOGLE EARTH Mystery Secret UFO & Hidden Places. Very mystirious pictures are taken on the earth…very werid and you must see these three videos! Watch in HD for better quallity of the video, so you can see it better!

First Part:

Second Part:

Third Part:

Also if you have the earth google and wants the coordinates to search it by your self in your own google earth(for them who dont have the google earth it’s free and download it here) Each part of the above three videos have it’s own coordinates and here are they are:

First Part Coordinates:

31 59’20.53″S 152 34’18.47″E
The second part has its coordinates on the video and you can see them above each google earth picture

19 56’56.76″S 69 38’2.07″W

41 51’26.99″N 121 29’25.75″W

50 39’26.33″N 2 24’14.92″W

14 32’45.28″S 75 9’35.85″W

33 55’37.16″N 117 34’8.58″W

14 33’9.40″S 75 10’36.74″W

78 38’29.61″N 15 7’5.50″E

19 37’40.75″S 69 58’46.35″W

54 13’29.68″N 1 12’44.46″W

19 12’13.45″S 70 0’30.41″W

10 54’12.65″N 19 55’56.05″E

44 14’39.77″N 7°46’10.71″E

37 37’38.69″N 116 50’48.38″W

51 19’16.29″N 1 45’22.76″W

42 4’34.14″N 2 21’21.93″W

45 42’11.97″N 21 18’7.81″E

17 58’20.55″S 70 14’12.89″W

43 25’44.84″N 80 19’51.12″W

Second Part Coordinates:

 The second part has it’s coordinates on the video and you can see them above each google earth picture

Third Part Coordiantes:

The third part also has it’s coordinates on the video and you can see them above each google earth picture

Hope you like them…Scary And So Unbelievable eh? But this is real, nothing fake! Well and for other news that coming to my site translations of that site are coming soon(in languages Greek,French,Chineese,Russian and maybe and some other languages, comment your language you want for translation and i will have it in my mind)


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    Spiros: Thank you very much for telling me!

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  8. nice one…. 🙂

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