cool illusions

Here are 2 cool illusions:


That’s all for now,

Have a nice day 🙂

29 Responses

  1. very nice illusions!!!

  2. wow ,I saw 2 humans on the wall!!!!!!AHHHHHH I AM SCARING. HOW ?????? MAGIC?????

    Spiros: No these pictures aren’t magic pictures. These pictures are illusions.

  3. you have a very nice site.I am visiting it everyday!

  4. holyy crap that is crazy

  5. W0WW THT WASS C00

  6. JESUS!

  7. thats cool and the pictures are very cool uswell ive ben looking at them nearly all day now

  8. that is very wierd those pictures and very magic

  9. THT is scary!!!

  10. Whos the second pic?

  11. thiS PiCtURE iS SO COOl!!! it lOOkS likE jESUS.. WOW NEVER SEEN SOMEthiNG likE thiS NiCE WhO EVER did thiS!! i GiVE thiS A +10 😉

  12. It is an illusion of mind, the image u see on wall is the invert of above pictures, i tried this, if u replace the black with white and white with black in the above picture, u get exactly the same picture which we saw after the above experiment. the purpose of dots are to concentrate your eyes on the whole image , thats why they r in the center

  13. very nice n cool

  14. omg its sooooooo scary only joking I NEARLY pissed in ma pants lol! HAHAHA VERY FUNNY THEY DONT EVEN WRK!


  16. the second pic looks like Moses

  17. Wow! Jesus &…At 1st I thought it was a guy from the Beatles, but probs Michale Jackson. lol.
    Jamaal, 10. (11 in May).

  18. Wow! Jesus &…At 1st I thought he was from The Beatles, but probs Michael Jackson. lol.
    Jamaal, 10.

  19. the first is jesus the second is john stamos from full house

  20. john stamos. jesse from full house

  21. im gay nd i luv this mor thn belll

  22. im gay nd i luv this more thn bell

  23. freaky dude wat the fuck…!?.”)

  24. Aww…i saw jesus. thats nice, love it and the 2nd one i saw someone but i dont know who it is…?

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